South & West Co. Donegal Wreck List
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Location:Co. Donegal
Date of Loss:23rd November 1976Place:Rathlin O'Byrne
Cause of Loss:FounderedBoat Dive from:Malinbeg
Charted Depth:36mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 10
Height of Wreck:ScatteredAdmiralty Chart No:1879 and/or 2852
Hull Material:WoodLatitude:54 39.55 North
Type of Seabed:Rocks & BouldersLongitude:08 50.10 West
Average Visibility:15 - 20mDiving Experience:Experienced
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Diving Information:     
  • Well broken up, but still a lot of wreckage lying around in gullies.
  • Slack Water is the best time to dive.
  • Good visibility is nearly always guaranteed any time from Easter to Sept. Visibility is reasonable all the year round, weather permitting.
  • Local people are still sensitive about people diving the wreck as lives were lost.
Historical Information:
  • Hit rocks in heavy seas and broke up.
  • Five of her crew were lost.
  • Some of Q.U.B. Club were involved in the recovery operation.
  • The name means "Una's Rock".
  • Edward Carbery, the skipper's son, provided the correct date of the Carraig Una's loss.
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South & West Co. Donegal Wreck List

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