Co. Dublin Wreck List "D"
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Vessel Type:

3 Masted Fully Rigged Vessel

Location:Co. Dublin
Date of Loss:1st January 1869Place:3 miles South of Kish Bank L.V.
Cause of Loss:Ran agroundBoat Dive from:Dun Laoghaire
Charted Depth:10mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 50
Height of Wreck:6mAdmiralty Chart No:1415 and/or 1468
Hull Material:IronLatitude (approx.):53° 16' 48" North*
Type of Seabed:SandLongitude (approx.) :05° 55' 48"' West*
Average Visibility:5 - 10mConvert Lat. & Long. to -Decimal - CLICK HERE
Image available?Yes - see belowDiving Experience:Experienced Novice
Diving Information:
  • Parts of it are broken up but there is a large section of hull still intact.
  • Plenty of fish, congers etc. and lots of artifact laying around.
  • Best dived 1.5 before High/1 hour before Low Water.
  • Subject to heavy swells and strong currents due to lying in shallow water.
  • NOTE. Permission is required from "" to dive this wreck.
Historical Information:
  • Built by A. McMillan & Sons, Dumbarton in 1868, she grossed 1,348 tons, measured 196.9 x 65.5 16.4ft. and was owned by A.C. Gow of Glasgow.
  • She was on her maiden voyage to Bombay from Glasgow with a cargo of iron, coal ans spirits.
  • Ran aground on the Kish Bank due to a navigational error by the captain, Thomas Meiklejohn.
Click HERE for INFOMAR* Side-Scan image
Other Sources:
*source - Geological Survey of Ireland
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Co. Dublin Wreck List "D"

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