Co. Cork Wreck List "A"

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Vessel Type:

Super Bulk Carrier

Location:Co. Cork
Date of Loss:22nd November 1986Place:Toe Head
Cause of Loss:Ran aground in galeBoat Dive from:Baltimore
Charted Depth:36mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 88 & 89
Height of Wreck:6mAdmiralty Chart No:2129
Hull Material:SteelLatitude:51 28 08 North
Type of Seabed:RocksLongitude:09 13 07 West
Average Visibility:10 - 30mDiving Experience:Very Experienced
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Diving Information:  
  • Wreck is huge - 900ft. long
  • She lies upright and is quite broken up
  • Bow is still intact.
  • Possible to descend directly into the hold without realising it.
  • The iron ore is in marble-sized granules.
  • Launch from Baltimore.
  • Wreck is owned by Sean Kent.
  • Warning!! Subject to strong currents.
Historical Information:
  • Built by Swan Hunter, Haverton Hill, in the 1970’s, she grossed 89,438 tons and measuered 294.13 x 44.19 x 25.01 metres.
  • Is the largest wreck in Europe.
  • Was carrying 165,000 tons of iron ore and 2,000 tons of oil from Seven Islands, Quebec for the River Clyde.
  • Ran aground on the Stagg Rocks during a gale after losing steerage.
  • She had previously sheltered for a few days in Bantry Bay to repair cracks in her decks before venturing out.
  • The 28 crew were air-lifted off by the RAF, and her engines were left running in reverse to try and dislodge her.
  • The Dutch tug "Smit Rotterdam" failed to tow her off.
  • The following Spring she broke in three and sank.
  • The vessel was worth £8.4m. and the cargo £2.7m.
  • Her 1,200 tons of bunker fuel caused serious pollution in the area.
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Co. Cork Wreck List "A"

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