Co. Galway Wreck List "B"
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Vessel Type:

Motor Fishing Vessel

Location:Co. Galway
Date of Loss:2007Place:Rossroe Pier, Killary Bay
Cause of Loss:Broke from mooringsBoat Dive from:Killary
Charted Depth:15 - 18mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 37
Height of Wreck:6mAdmiralty Chart No:2706
Hull Material:WoodLatitude:53.37.274 N
Type of Seabed:Rocks & siltLongitude:09.51.450 W
Average Visibility:10 - 15mDiving Experience:Experienced Club Diver
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Diving Information:
  • Hull, stern to bow, lies in an East to West direction, and she is leaning to Starboard at 45 degrees in 15 to 18m.
  • Take a bearing North-East from Beacon on corner of Rossroe pier, transecting rocky point adjacent to pier.
  • Wreck is marked by a Grey Mooring Buoy (furthest from pier of 3 identical buoys) tied to bow.
  • Can be shore dived easily.
  • No major current.
  • Alternatively boat Launch easily from Rossroe'a new slipway.
  • Divers should also note that Rossroe is a working pier and not to block access.
Historical Information:


  • The 50 foot Rath Connla was built in 1961 by the BIM Boatyard, Dingle, Co Kerry and her first homeport was Clogherhead, Co. Louth.
  • Subsequently she served in Kilronan, Aran Islands; Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry; Galway, Burtonport, Cleggan, and finally Killary where she harvested mussels in the Killary Bay area.
  • In September 2007 she slipped from her moorings and sank where she became too damaged to refloat.
  • She has become an ideal spot for local divers as an artificial reef.
Source Publications:
Article by Pat Nolan (July 2008)
Other Sources:
James Keating via email 2008
Co. Galway Wreck List "B"

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