Co. Donegal North Wreck List "B"
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Vessel Type:

Type U-81 Class

Location:Co. Donegal
Date of Loss:13th February 1918Place:Malin Head
Cause of Loss:Rammed Boat Dive from:Portmore Pier
Charted Depth:60mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 3
Height of Wreck:6mAdmiralty Chart No:2811
Hull Material:SteelLatitude: 55 38 North
Type of Seabed:Sand & rocksLongitude: 07 32 West
Average Visibility: 25m +Diving Experience:Very Experienced
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Diving Information:
  • Has a slight list to port and is broken in two.
  • Aft gun is still attached to the stern deck.
  • Bow gun is still there too.
  • Conning tower plates have fallen off giving access to the control room.
  • Torpedoes are still visable in the bow and stern tubes.
  • Congers frequent the wreck.
  • Warning!! Has live torpedoes on board.
Historical Information:
  • A U-81 Class, she was built in March 1916 by Kriegsmarinewerft, Kieln and measured 65.22 x 6.09 x 3.96 metres and grossed 998 tons.
  • Surfaced 200 yards from the cruiser "HMS Roxburgh" which promptly rammed "U-89" amidships and cut it in two.
  • Her commander was Captain Leutnant Bauck.
  • There were no survivors.
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Co. Donegal North Wreck List "B"

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