South & West Co. Donegal Wreck List
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Name Unknown
Vessel Type:


Location:Co. Donegal
Date of Loss:1997 approx. Place:St. John's Point
Cause of Loss:Sunk on purposeBoat Dive from:Killybegs or Teelin
Charted Depth:50mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 10
Height of Wreck:10mAdmiralty Chart No:2702 and/or 2725
Hull Material:Latitude (GPS):54 34.992 North
Type of Seabed: Longitude (GPS):08 30.027 West
Average Visibility:15 - 20mDiving Experience:Experienced
No image available.
Diving Information:   
  • Lies just off the Bullockmore cardinal buoy in 45 to 50m.
  • Depth to the top of the wreck is around 35 to 38m.
Historical Information:
  • Little is known about the wreck other than she was sunk on purpose about 7 years ago after littering a pier for some time.
  • Found in 2004 and is often dived by local clubs.
Other Sources:
Malcom Houston
Donegal SAC 2004

South & West Co. Donegal Wreck List

Last update - 23-Nov-2004

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