Co. Cork Wreck List "F"
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Vessel Type:

3 Masted Sail Ship

Location:Co. Cork
Date of Loss:11th April 1896Place:Gokane Point
Cause of Loss:Struck rocks Boat Dive from:Baltimore
Charted Depth:20mIrish O.S. Map:Discovery Series No. 88 & 89
Height of Wreck:10mAdmiralty Chart No:2129
Hull Material:IronLatitude:51 05.00 North
Type of Seabed:RocksLongitude:09 10.45 West
Average Visibility:10 - 15mDiving Experience:Experienced Novice
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Diving Information:   
  • Lies 0.5 miles East of Gokane Point.
  • Well broken up.
  • Note!! A permit is needed to dive this wreck as it is over 100 years old.
Historical Information:
  • A 3 masted iron barque, built for Hughes of Liverpool by Thomas Royden & Sons, Liverpool in 1876, she grossed 1,274 tons.
  • Hughes operated her until 1895 and then sold her to H.R. Davies of Treborth, Bangor, Co.Down.
  • Bound San Francisco for Queenstown with a cargo of wheat.
  • She struck Thige Mor Rock at Yokane Point near Lough Inne, just east of the Coastguard Station at Barlogue.
  • Her commander Captain Williams and 20 crew were able to row ashore at Tralagogh.
  • The Second Mate was John Peter Lewis. He ended his career as old man in the Empress boats of Canadian Pacific.
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Co. Cork Wreck List "F"

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